DC Artists Workshop

I recently applied for the DC Artists Workshop. I sent in a few upcoming Superurban pages, as well as two pages of DC stuff created just for the application. I opted to use Ragman, as I have a deep love of spooky DC D-listers. I sent them the black and white inks (below), but you can see the ink washed/toned version over in the Quarter Bin! Wish me luck!




That twisted tale of revenge gone wrong, Guilty, is now available to view online over in The Quarter Bin!

Read Page 1 Here!

guilty preview image

This was my first ever published comic. It was featured in Something Wicked #11 from FutureQuake Press and was written by Michelle Wilkinson with letters by Deadbolt-01. All 7 pages that I worked on are now online for your enjoyment.


You can grab the whole issue over at Comixology!