2017 DC Talent Workshop Submission

I just received my rejection letter for the 2017 DC Talent Workshop. Overall, I know my submission was stronger than last year’s, but I know I still have a lot to learn, and I really need to improve. I guess I could start by working on more comics!


At any rate, you can check out my pages, starting with page 1! Feedback welcome!

dc snag


IDW’s Infinite Loop Cover Contest

I really liked the first issue of IDW’s Infinite Loop, so I was thrilled when they opened up a cover contest.

Here is my entry:

Infinite Loop Cover Contest

Bonus: My inks!

infinite loop cover

This one rules and should totally win:

From Troy Brownfield:

spark what

So Ben and I were talking about the fact that we’ve been doing Solo Acoustic for two years…
Kids, the webcomics at www.sparkshooter.com have been doing it a while.
Solo just turned TWO. Sparkshooter just turned THREE.
If you aren’t checking in every week, you’re missing damn good comics from me and Enkaru Other Worlds (Sparkshooter) & me and Ben (Solo) (not to mention Sarah Vaughn, who drew Sparkshooter’s first two chapters. Yes, that Sarah Vaughn. Alex + Ada Sarah Vaughn. Rosy Press Fresh Romance Sarah Vaughn).
When you check out our comics and dig them, because you will, feel free to support us in their continued creation here: www.patreon.com/troybrownfield
Read. Enjoy. Share. Read again.
Thank you!

The Line is Drawn!

I am trying out to be a contributing artist on Comicbookresources.com’s The Line is Drawn feature.

My first piece was a homage to Steranko’s classic SHIELD cover with characters from the Agents of Shield TV show:

Agents of Shield (after Steranko)

Agents of Shield (after Steranko)

Up next is a piece featuring Batman and Friends as (go go) Power Rangers:

-guitar riff-

-guitar riff-

You can check out all of the entries here (I’m on page 5).

And if you dig my pieces, please vote for me here! There is no sign up required! It is as easy as checking the ANDY MICHAEL box and clicking “vote”. Thanks in advance!

What We’ve Been Up To:

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks! Andy and I got together over Thanksgiving and did some work on IFFF and hashed out some future plans, we’ll keep you posted. Also, I started a new job with drastically different hours, so that has been quite an adjustment and has forced me to adapt my comic making schedule. It’s a work in progress. I also need to transfer ALL of my recent work from my laptop to my desktop and get my desktop setup how I like it, which has been a process. It’s a better system, so once it’s ready to go it’ll be great!

Solo_Ch2_page011I’m currently working on the new ‘Solo Acoustic‘ for tomorrow, so in case you were wondering what’s taking so long for BENDY Comics! to get rolling, we both have other projects going on, all the time.

In the meantime, read some Image Comics!

ToothandClaw_02-1 Birthright_03 godhatesastronauts_04a SouthernBastards_06-1 Shutter_07-1 SexCriminals_09-1 BitchPlanet_01-1

Bendy Comics is GUILTY!

I am currently working on a short story called Guilty for the Something Wicked anthology due out next year from FutureQuake. This will actually be my first published comic! The story was written by the amazing Michelle Wilkinson.

I am also trying out something new for this project. I am inking and doing tones completely digitally. I recently snagged a Surface Pro 3, and I have been putting in lots of time with it. I switched to Mac over a decade ago, so readjusting to Windows has been the hardest part. I forgot how much you have to get under the hood to get anything working right. Once I got everything set up and installed the invaluable Frenden brushes for Manga Studio 5, I got down to business.

The pages are all hand-drawn as I started this project just before I got my Surface Pro.

Here are the original, hand-drawn blue-line pencils

Here are the original, hand-drawn blue-line pencils

I also wanted to traditionally ink the first page, just to have a comparison:

Here is the original page 1 with traditional inks.

Here is the original page 1 with traditional inks.

Here is the first page, traditionally inked, with the blue lines taken out and the black lines darkened.
Here is the first page, traditionally inked, with the blue lines taken out and the black lines darkened.

 Here are the digital inks:

Page 1, inked in Manga Studio 5

Page 1, inked in Manga Studio 5

Overall, I really like the digital process. I am able to make lines with greater confidence since I can just “undo” any mistakes. Inking digitally has opened me up to more experimentation with my line, and I think the results are more exciting. It is also a blessing to be able to ink the background without worry of messing up the foreground. However, it is MUCH harder to do complex architecture and backgrounds digitally. It has been very challenging to vary line weight while simultaneously making straight lines. I definitely miss architectural scale ruler on paper for complex backgrounds.

Here is a look at the inks for page 2:

Page 2. Inked in MS5

Page 2. Inked in MS5

And here are the pencils and inks for page 3:

Hand-drawn pencils for page 3

Hand-drawn pencils for page 3

Page 3 inked in MS5

Page 3 inked in MS5

I would love to hear anyone’s thoughts on working digitally! Which do you prefer?