I sent in a small comic project last night. It’ll be in print later this month, just in time for PopCon in you’re in Indianapolis (June 26th-28th). I’ll post more about when I am sure that I can say what it is, and I’ll post it here in July.


Coincidentally I’m doing and ad in the same issue of ____, which is completely independent of my comics piece.


New Project

comics project preview

I’ve been working on a little comic project, look for it in print later this month (I think?). I don’t think I can say more at this point, but you’d better believe you’ll hear about it soon!

From Troy Brownfield:

spark what

So Ben and I were talking about the fact that we’ve been doing Solo Acoustic for two years…
Kids, the webcomics at www.sparkshooter.com have been doing it a while.
Solo just turned TWO. Sparkshooter just turned THREE.
If you aren’t checking in every week, you’re missing damn good comics from me and Enkaru Other Worlds (Sparkshooter) & me and Ben (Solo) (not to mention Sarah Vaughn, who drew Sparkshooter’s first two chapters. Yes, that Sarah Vaughn. Alex + Ada Sarah Vaughn. Rosy Press Fresh Romance Sarah Vaughn).
When you check out our comics and dig them, because you will, feel free to support us in their continued creation here: www.patreon.com/troybrownfield
Read. Enjoy. Share. Read again.
Thank you!