New Solo Acoustic

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New Solo Acoustic from me and @TroyBrownfield today! It’s the end of Chapter Two, which means Solo is now on Summer Break!

See you in a few!


What We’ve Been Up To:

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks! Andy and I got together over Thanksgiving and did some work on IFFF and hashed out some future plans, we’ll keep you posted. Also, I started a new job with drastically different hours, so that has been quite an adjustment and has forced me to adapt my comic making schedule. It’s a work in progress. I also need to transfer ALL of my recent work from my laptop to my desktop and get my desktop setup how I like it, which has been a process. It’s a better system, so once it’s ready to go it’ll be great!

Solo_Ch2_page011I’m currently working on the new ‘Solo Acoustic‘ for tomorrow, so in case you were wondering what’s taking so long for BENDY Comics! to get rolling, we both have other projects going on, all the time.

In the meantime, read some Image Comics!

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What We’ve Been Up To:

In the last couple months Andy and I have both gotten sidetracked with life stuff, long days at work and some other paid gigs. IFFF is an idea we’ve been kicking around for about three years, so it’s not going anywhere, and we’ve been holding off on releasing anything until we are certain and comfortable that we’ll be able to keep on schedule through the first chapter.

In the last year, I’ve drawn about 40 pages of Sparkshooter and Solo Acoustic that you have (or can) see at Flatted some books you’ve probably read, and worked on a TON of stuff you wont see for a while.

solo pages

Making comics is something we do in our free time (unless you want to pay us!) so at this point in time IFFF will be out as soon as we can get it done, and it’ll be worth the wait!

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