DC Artists Workshop

I recently applied for the DC Artists Workshop. I sent in a few upcoming Superurban pages, as well as two pages of DC stuff created just for the application. I opted to use Ragman, as I have a deep love of spooky DC D-listers. I sent them the black and white inks (below), but you can see the ink washed/toned version over in the Quarter Bin! Wish me luck!


Comic in NUVO

I’ve got a comic in the local Indianapolis paper NUVO this week, along with other local artists Jackie Crofts (artist on Nutmeg from Action Lab), Trent Fairbrother, and Bri Rudd! Coincidentally, I did the Downtown Comics ads that show up next to my comic both in print and on the website. The issue is out just in time for PopCon, so if you’re in town, be sure to grab a copy! (It’s FREE)


I will post the comic here next week, to see it online now, hit the link NUVO!


I sent in a small comic project last night. It’ll be in print later this month, just in time for PopCon in you’re in Indianapolis (June 26th-28th). I’ll post more about when I am sure that I can say what it is, and I’ll post it here in July.


Coincidentally I’m doing and ad in the same issue of ____, which is completely independent of my comics piece.